Bayview is a Tampa based company that specializes in assisting people with paying their mortgages. The company needed a fresh interface that maximized ease of use while utilizing minimal assets to acheive the goal. I served as Art Director for this project at MCD Partners.


MCD Partners


Art Direction

A Welcoming Onboard for New Customers

Since the goal of Bayview's redesign was to make it easy to pay your mortgage, the homepage redesign was designed in such a way that it felt like a means of being productive rather than selling a product to visitors. There is still a section dedicated to summarizing the brand, but overall the homepage provides easy avenues to make your payment or get assistance. Most importantly, the design is spread out so as not to feel intimidating.

Easy Access to Assistance

Although there are many accepted methods of payment customers can use to make payments to Bayview, one of our goals was to push heavily the online payment feature. Therefore, the two online payments are front and center on the payment page. Customers are free to make one payment, or set up recurring payments, without hassle.

Should a customer need assistance, we constructed a full resource center where they can get access to financial assistance, contacts, documents, or any additional information about how best to approach their unique situation.

A New, Sleek Visual Language

Since one of the challenges of the design was working without photography, it was important that Bayview's visual language be engaging. Icons are vibrant and sleek, and User Interface elements are clear and communicative. Additionally, we punched up their corporate blue color and introduced new shades to feel more inviting. In additon, the entire interface was designed with Accessibility in mind.

Rob Kriauciunas

Creative Director

Isaac Lee

Design Director

Tom Simpson Diana Ibrahim

User Experience

Joel Albert

Lead, Technology

Ryan Burst Shane Rand


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