I was part of a team at MCD Partners that relaunched the new experience for Discover's Personal Loans branch. The goal was to provide a seamless, clean experience that easily communicates to potential customers what a personal loan from Discover would entail. The project was two years in the making and spanned many different branches.


MCD Partners


Art Direction, Design

Breaking Down the Concept

To get customers to better understand what a personal loan is for, a page was created breaking down its uses in clear, easy to digest modules. The page offers a summary, links to calculators and checking rates, and a resource hub with articles about Personal loans from Discover's Resource Center blog.

Elaborating on Loan Uses

Should a potential customer want more information, each loan use gets its own page, which follows a similar modular template. These pages provide more info about each loan use—Vacations, Weddings, Home Remodelling, and Debt Consolidation—using calculator widgets, FAQs, and Resource Center article feeds pertaining to that particular loan.

Interactivity on Pages

Each loan use page above has a calculator widget on the page to help potential customers estimate their payments or savings. For Wedding, Home Remodelling, and Vacation loans, users can estimate their payments based on loan amount and length of loan. FOr Debt Consolidation, users can estimate their payments based on their current debt and monthly payment. The goal of these widgets is to jumpstart the user on how a Discover personal loan is best for them, without taking the user away from their current location just yet.

Calculator Improvements

The new personal loans experience also has dedicated calculators that I helped improve upon. For the Debt Consolidation calculator, we tweaked the results to address language pertaining to saving money and saving time. We also adjusted the slider in the results to only reflect Good to Exceptional credit to better address the kind of customers that would qualify for such a loan.

Resource Center

Since Personal Loans can get complex, with many different variables, an easy to use FAQ page was created. The team broke down the FAQ page by different topics based on popular user search terms. Each topic is an accordion toggle to minimize scroll fatigue and to make the interface less cluttered and intimidating. In addition, a search filter is at the top of the page to make finding questions and answers even easier.

Brenna Essary

Creative Director, Copywriter

Isaac Lee

Design Director

Tom Simpson Gigi So

User Experience

Kim Duong Calvin Chin Jenn Kim Pilsung Kang Hailan Piao Panini Padley


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