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Insurance Information Institute While at Definition 6, I was Art Director for the complete redesign of the online presence for the Insurance Information Institute (known as I.I.I. to its many fans.) The problem was that the client needed a redesign that made it easier to locate and save their information, while also retaining users and maintaining its value as the best resource for insurance information.

The biggest issue the client had with their old website was organizational, resulting in users having difficulty finding content. Therefore, it was crucial that the homepage serves as an organizational summary of all content available.

In addition, a family of icons were proposed to help break down the organization of every category, using multiple brand colors to connect the icons to the I.I.I. aesthetic while also coming across as friendly and not intimidating.

The navigation was also redesigned. The menu button drops down a mega-nav breaking the user's choices down into several areas: Basics, Research, and Resources. By reorganizing the content into these different categories, users can easily begin their journey the way they wanted, without having to search through content that doesn't interest them.

The search was also given a facelift. When the user searches for content, the search dropdown provides popular search terms, topics, or media suggestions before anything is even typed. The search also auto-finishes with suggestions based on what the user is typing.

Breaking down Insurance topics was another complete overhaul for this project. Each section had a hero area where the client could put new or important articles. From there, the page is broken down into each topic's subdivisions, which are then broken down into articles, videos, or resources. The left nav serves as filters for content based on each sub-division's data breakdowns.

Articles are fully customizable by the site's administrator. Articles were designed in such a way that the hero image is easily replacable, as well as the ability to share block quotes on social media, or add charts and graphs if the article needs. A left nav tells the user how long a read the article is, as well as jump points for any long articles with multiple chapters.

The Video Library is also given the same organizational treatment. Video sections are broken down by insurance topic, and each video is shareable on social media, or easily embedded.

On mobile, the user experience remains as usable and fluid as it does on desktop. Content is repositioned to take advantage of the mobile device's limited screen real estate, ensuring that all the information readily available never feels overwhelming or cluttered at small sizes.


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